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Do you know why it is called the Blue Pearl? Because blue is the most characteristic color of this city. It has a medina made up of buildings painted blue. It is said that since it was a city of Jewish origin, its inhabitants painted it that color, because blue was their identifying color.

But it is also said that it is to scare away mosquitoes. What is the real reason? It is not known exactly, so each visitor can keep the legend that they like the most. Which one do you prefer?

The name Chefchaouen means “look at the horns.” The city is located in front of two large mountains that are shaped like horns. So Chefchaouen is the city that looks to the horns. For us, on a route discovering the best cities in northern Morocco, stopping to see the Blue Pearl is practically an obligation.

Chefchaouen is a charming city in every way and different from the rest for its color and energy. We enjoyed a day there, even staying to sleep, which we recommend to every traveler. Now, we are going to give you all the advice to organize your visit.

Things to see in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is not a very large city, but it has a lot of charm due to its location, its color, its medina, its streets, its wall, its squares… Hence it is a must on almost all itineraries that discover the north of Morocco.

We believe that it is necessary to dedicate a whole day to Chefchaouen to get to know it day and night. That is why we always recommend to all travelers that you sleep there if you can for at least one day, to be able to enjoy a sunset and a sunrise in that blue valley.

And so that you don’t miss the most important thing about it, we are going to tell you exactly what to see and do in Chefchaouen

The Medina of Chefchaouen

One of the essential things to see and do in Chefchaouen is to get lost in its medina. Forget maps, GPS, locations… and get lost! Get out of the most touristic and well-known spots, to discover hidden corners also full of charm. Doors of houses, everyday images, houses, alleys… You won’t stop taking photos at every step, it is such a photogenic city that people who like photography will be amazed!

Shopping in the Medina of Chefchaouen

And if Morocco has one thing in all its cities, it is its shops: jewelry, carpets, spices, bags, leather goods… So prepare the art of haggling and your wallet to take home hundreds of souvenirs from this city.

Uta El-Hammam Square

You will find the center of life of the Medina in this square. It is surrounded by cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and it is common to see it full of tourists and local people. In addition, there are two other important and essential points for a list of what to see and do in Chefchaouen: the Great Mosque and the Kasbah.

The Great Mosque

One of the curiosities of this mosque is that it has an octagonal minaret, something not very common in Morocco. So when you go, pay attention to it and compare it with other mosques that you find in the country.

The Kasbah

The Alacazaba or Kasbah as they say in Morocco, is a small fortification of sandy, brown and reddish tones that stands out among the rest of the blue buildings. You can visit its interior from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the price is 60 MAD (€6.00).

Hauta Square

This is a small square that we discovered while getting lost in the Medina and the truth is that it was a spectacular discovery. We were delighted to find it! Its location, its views, its energy, its atmosphere, its central source… It is worth locating it on the map and not missing it.

The doors of the Medina

It is also worth leaving the Medina of Chefchaouen to see the ancient doors that give access to it and which are still intact and surrounded by local life.

Rif Al Andalusian

Did you know that there is an Andalusian neighborhood in the Blue Pearl? We didn’t know it, but what we do know is that you shouldn’t leave it out during your visit to the Medina of Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen wall

Chefchaouen is full of history and that is why it is not surprising that it preserves part of its ancient wall. You can see it at the top of the city, at the foot of the two great mountains. To access it what you have to do is walk to the top of the Medina and leave it. Seeing the views of the city from up there is priceless!

The Spanish Mosque

And speaking of views, another of the beautiful panoramic views that you can get of the city is from the Spanish Mosque. This is a small white hermitage that is also well worth a visit for its architecture and the image that you get of Chefchaouen from there.

Live a sunset

This is another essential thing that we believe any traveler should see and do in Chefchaouen: see a sunset and if it can be with better views! So when the time comes to bid farewell to the sun, it is best to look for a high point or a terrace of one of the houses in the upper area of the Medina from where you can enjoy that moment in which the sky turns colorful. oranges, reds, pinks… We experienced it from the rooftop of our hotel and it was beautiful. Sunsets anywhere in the world are always magical.

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